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KatadataThe Ultimate Data App For Filmmakers

KataData is the all in one storage and runtime calculator for iPhone brought to you by leading post production company, Katabatic Digital. Just enter the amount of footage you have and KataData will calculate the runtime or storage. Enter multiple calculations and add them together, all from within the app! Choose to calculate by specifying a camera, external recording device, or codec. We support a wide range of cameras and codecs! Interested in seeing more? Read on.

Completely Pro

We built KataData for professional filmmakers. That means we support cameras such as Red, Phantom, and Alexa as well as codecs such as DPX, Open EXR, DNxHD, and ProRes. Many formats are available in up to 4K! Still shooting DV? We didn't forget about you. See our chart for a complete list.

Beautifully Designed for the Retina Display

We spent a lot of time and effort to build a beautiful interface thats both flexible and easy to use.

Cameras and Codecs

When you are calculating runtime or storage, we know you sometimes need to calculate by camera type, other times by codec. We've got you covered for both situations. Simply flip the switch from Device mode to Codec mode right on the main interface to easily switch back and forth between calculation types.

Flexible Input Units and Advanced Gestures

We've taken input flexibility a step further by developing swipe gestures to convert between various input units such as Megabytes, Gigabytes, and Terabytes, or Frames, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, and Time-code. Simply swipe the input screen to the left or right to rotate between the various unit options, it's really fun! This also doubles as a great unit converter. Need to know how many frames are in 02:58:33:15? Input your time-code and swipe to convert to frames. 321,083!

Add Multiple Calculations Together

We know you sometimes shoot with multiple cameras, have mixed media in post, or simply need to calculate in batches. By clicking the plus button on the main interface, your calculation will be added to the logs which can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen. When the logs are fully open, your calculations will update to display the total of all the calculations which have been added to the logs. You can then email yourself this data for later access.

Stereo and HRDx

With Stereo and HDRx options (RED only) we take into account the double or quadruple data-rates to keep your calculations accurate. When inputting storage with stereo selected, KataData expects the total amount of data from both cameras. When calculating the runtime, we divide it in half to reflect an accurate runtime. When inputting runtime with stereo selected, KataData expects the runtime of only one camera. When calculating the storage requirement, we multiply it by 2 to reflect an accurate storage amount.


  • Arri Alexa
  • Canon DSLR
  • Canon XHA1
  • GoPro HD
  • iPhone
  • JVC HM100U
  • Panasonic AF100
  • Panasonic HMC150
  • Panasonic HPX170
  • Panasonic HPX3700
  • Panasonic HVX200A
  • Phantom 65
  • Phantom Flex
  • Phantom HD/Gold
  • Sony EX1/EX3
  • Sony F3
  • Sony FS100
  • Sony PMW500


  • Animation
  • Cineform
  • DNxHD
  • DPX
  • Intermediate
  • JPEG
  • Open EXR
  • P2
  • PNG
  • ProRes
  • Targa
  • TIFF
  • Uncompressed
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